We at Web Support India provide accurate and timely data entry services for a variety of industries and companies. Our highly and experienced team has the capability to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis. Outsource your data management work to us and focus on your core processes.

Our team uses double-monitors, so that there are fewer errors and faster turnarounds. All work done by Web Support India goes through stringent quality control processes before being delivered to the customer.

Online Data Entry

Online Data Entry is essential for every business enterprise to cut down raw data and process them systematically and effectively to generate results with higher proficiency. Our excellence is our accuracy and speed. We have an extensive work force which includes experienced, professional online data entry operators who are well experienced and reliable in data entry field.

Our Online Data Entry Services Includes:

  • Online data capture services
  • Online data entry
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • PDF document indexing
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format

Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry services are a common practice among many global organizations in recent years. In many cases, large business organizations outsource the service to reduce some workload to concentrate more on other important business activities. Now a days India has been favorable to companies in the data entry business because of its accessibility of low cost resources, Understanding those requirements we focus on delivering best offline data entry services to customers across the world.

Our Offline Data Entry Services Includes:

  • Offline form processing
  • Offline data capture
  • Offline form filling
  • Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry
  • Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files
  • Offline entry of insurance claims
  • E-books entry, business cards entry, catalog and labels entry
  • Data entry into database programs

Data Capture

If your company has been dealing with data, you'd know that the process of capturing data and digitizing them is a tedious and time consuming process. Data capture solutions and document scanning services provide an answer to this problem. Data capture and document imaging usually refer to acquiring data from physical sources such as paper documents, forms, receipts, microfilms and photographs, and converting them to an electronic format. This is also known as electronic data capture (EDC). Converting data from physical formats to digital forms is a complex process especially if the number of documents handled is large. Through document scanning and data capture services, it is possible to digitize large volumes of documents under short timelines. Web Support India has been working with customers of all sizes in managing their documentation needs of varying volumes.

Copy Paste Services

The term "copy-and-paste" refers to the popular, simple method of reproducing text or other data from a source to a destination. It differs from cut and paste in that the original source text or data does not get deleted or removed. The popularity of this method stems from its simplicity and the ease with which users can move data between various applications visually - without resorting to permanent storage. Copying often takes place in graphical user interface systems through use of the key-combinations Ctrl+C, or by using some other method, such as a context menu or a toolbar button. Once one has copied data into the area of memory referred to as the clipboard, one may paste the contents of the clipboard into a destination using the key combinations Ctrl+V, or other methods dependent on the system.

Image Data Entry

Image data entry refers to the conversion of scanned images to a particular format of your choice. If you are looking for both quality and cost-effective image data entry services, you have come to the right place. Web Support India is one of the providers of image data entry services. We can provide your organization with image capturing services, image storage services, image keying services and image retrieval services. Our efficient team of trained image data entry experts can handle large volumes of work and deliver it to your ahead of your schedule

Document Data Entry

Digitizing paper documents ensures that critical information is readily accessible at all levels within your organization. This knowledge enables smooth functioning of the business and can be leveraged to make better decisions. We take care of your document data entry work, you can focus your energies on building core strengths. This helps you deliver better value and maximize customer satisfaction. This strategy can go a long way in helping you respond to challenges and to remain competitive. In addition, when you outsource document data entry projects to an expert partner you get access to specialized capabilities. We can help you turnaround huge volumes of work within short time-frames. In addition, our comprehensive solution includes a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process. This assures you of best in class services

PDF Data Entry

We also offer PDF Data Entry Services to help you capture data and information from PDF files and store it in various digital forms. Our experts are adept at capturing large volumes of data from PDF documents very quickly without any error. You can handle tedious PDF data entry tasks by outsourcing it to us and this will really save on time and money and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Our Clients

Our clients are with us from since inception, due to our professional and hardcore service orientation. Moreover, we look to align ourselves and take on our clients challenges head on.

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