We have a proven track record of handling data and information systems for customers across the world. We can digitize your raw data and transform it into useful information. You can leverage our expertise in handling data processing services. Rest assured that our services will eventually give you insightful data at your finger tips and improve your organizational efficiency.

Forms Processing

Forms Processing services can help your organization eliminate human errors by automating the collection of data while cutting costs. Forms processing is a service that extracts data from different fields of entry and converts it into convenient electronic formats. Your electronic data is then safely stored and can be accessed from multiple locations. O2I can help you efficiently store large volumes of data securely.

Credit Card Processing

Web Support India provides clients with timely, accurate credit card processing results from overseas, relieving your in-house team of the burden, and cutting costs in the process. We utilize cutting edge technology and a highly trained staff of credit card processing specialists to go above and beyond our clients' expectations. We focus on proactively addressing your needs, always putting you first.

Order Processing

Clinching an order comes after tremendous hard work from all quarters of your company. You definitely don't want to mess up these orders at the stage of processing them. Let us help you process your orders and make sure that you don't miss out on those valuable leads.

The Process Includes:

  • Order taking
  • Purchase order management
  • Customer database management
  • Wire transfers
  • Payment by telephone
  • Multiple shipping and payment options
  • Order fulfillment and status checks
  • Order fulfillment and mailing services

Our Clients

Our clients are with us from since inception, due to our professional and hardcore service orientation. Moreover, we look to align ourselves and take on our clients challenges head on.

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